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Token Listing

发布时间:2018-02-19 18:13:10

We have two method of adding any new or existing Token(Token is based on Ethereum ERC20 or Nxt or Waves or any other crypto).

  1. Free Method:

    Ask our support to add your Token on vote portal. Min vote 300 to get list freely on our platform

  2. Paid Listing: 

    For paid listing we have below listing fees, which is one time payment for lifetime listing.

  3. EXCLUSIVE Listing within 1-2 days, Fees: 1.1 BTC
    PREMIUM Listing within 3-7 Days, Fees: 0.6 BTC
    BASIC Listing within 7-10 Days, Fees: 0.25 BTC
    STARTER Listing within 10-15 Days, Fees: 0.15 BTC

    For payment details and listing of your Token, please write email to support@octaex.com

    On e-mail put below details:

    1. Token Name (Example: Bitcoin)

    2. Token ticker or symbol( Example: BTC)

    3. Base Blockchain(Example: ERC20,Waves,Nxt,Omni,Bitshare etc)

    4. Website or bitcointalk or any other social link

    For listing of any Coin, check coin section

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