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Few Facts That Shows the Market of Token Sale Will be Bright in Upcoming Years

Initial coin offering or

token sale

is proving a magnificent concept to raise the fund for the

Blockchain based project. As the market of token sale is getting bigger and mature, more and

more players are emerging with the innovative concept. But despite all popularity, the market of

ICO initial coin offering is full of rumors and guesswork. People think that due to the high risk

and volatility ICO is full of uncertainty and the market will die in future. So here in this blog, we

will go through some concrete facts that will prove that the market of


Initial Coin Offering

will be bright in upcoming years. Definitely, competition will be stiff in future, but the ICO

industry will remain strong.


Recently on 22 March 2018 G-20 summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is the gathering

of world’s 20 powerful countries where they discuss on various issues like foreign policy, climate

change, technology, economy and more. This time the summit was specialin the context of

Cryptocurrency and Initial coin offering.  The powerful economies of the world to explore the

possibilities of Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin offering.

In this summit Bank of England Governor Mark Carney tells that Cryptocurrency doesn’trisk

world economies.  During his speech, he said that the total GDP of the world is above 80 Trillion

and the market of Cryptocurrency is 400 billion dollar, so there is no threat to existing economy.

In an official statement from G20 leaders, they collectively agree to implement the financial

action task force standards that apply to crypto-assets. In addition, they called for additional

international measures for dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Growing trend of ICO:

The year 2018 is proving magnificent for the ICO industry. Whether it is a matter of the highest

fund raised by the Telegram or launching of new ICO. The ICO market is expanding at an

exponential rate.  In 2016, 64 major projects raised over $103 million through ICOs and in 2017

and more than 75 projects raised over $ 200 million through ICO.

Countries are lifting ban from Cryptocurrency:

Now countries like South Korea and China are lifting ban from cryptocurrency. This is a clear

indication that ICO market will be better by 2018. Apart from that, the popularity of Blockchain

is increasing. Now organizations are accepting it. So in future, we will see healthy competition in

the field of live token sale.

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